Sunday, July 27, 2008

a new blog is coming sooon.

I Saw it in South Korea First!

I came across an interesting Associated Press article a couple days ago about a (possible) new fad in Northern Virginia. A local spa is offering fish pedicures in which (you guessed it) little fish work on your feet before a human does.

While this is a novel idea in America, I've seen SOO MANY "Dr. Fish" shops all around South Korea since I arrived almost a year ago.

My point in sharing this with you? Why was I excited? At first I was just excited because I knew about something before it made the news. After thinking about it I realize it's a bit deeper. I really love South Korea and am very proud of it. I'm still an American, but no longer miss my home country.

After almost 11 months I've come to love the food, miss the people when I travel abroad and really enjoy life in general here. During the first couple months I craved American family, friends and food so bad! Somewhere around month four I lost my extreme cravings for western food and began an unhealthy addiction to gimbap. I'll admit that the cold sixth, seventh and eighth months of Winter were hard. But, at month eight I knew I didn't want to leave at the end of my ten month contract.

I've now signed a new contract till next April. I almost wanted to sign a contract that extends my stay until June, but I'd rather have options. I can always extend when I get to April. Either way, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my Korean life.